About Us

HNTV is a spontaneous breaking news service with a spirit of innovations. It inspires every citizen with updated information. We broadcast with the passion of bravery and ready to face the challenges to help the viewer’s get a sharp accurate picture of what’s happening in the world.

Introducing DTH – KU Band HNTV delivers a clear, crisp and compelling new experience. This is the FIRST REGIONAL CHANNEL in our INDIA with FTA (FREE TO AIR). News is also about the emotions of human beings, passion of youth and Education, current affairs, updates of Political challenges, Traditional occasions, joyful crowd of launching, ceremony, movie releases Events. HNTV is an opportunity to bring our viewers much closer to the NEWS.

HNTV bring pictures from around the world with HIGH DEFINITION latest cameras to connect the viewers in more ways and on more platforms than ever before. HNTV news will be strongly responsible where journalistic integrity is always maintained.

In any way you look at it, our HNTV news channel is going to be Lively, Energetic, High performance Satellite Channel. Your growth, ambitions, objectives are our commitments of programs.

With our fresh approach to our news broadcasting, HNTV is named for the speed of its coverage and flexibility of reporting news live. Our dedicated programs is not only about sports, movies, politics – It is also about the Rural development areas, villages, Government Schemes like “Amma Vodi”, “Gondu malli jatara”, “Nela Manadira”, “Niladhiy”, “Ma Oori Maharaju” etc…

HNTV promise that all the audience of every age and social group will enjoy our determination and challenges. We speak about every issue and show the viewer’s genuine difference.